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Event Accessories

speaker with stand for rent great for all event
vip tent rentals generator moncton dieppe
Speaker with stand
not commercial. play bluetooth,
aux, radio, usb and XLR cable
gaz full for the first tank
vip tent rentals fan 18'' moncton dieppe
vip tent rentals cooler moncton dieppe
Fan 18"
vip tent rentals garbage bin moncton dieppe
Garbage Bin
vip tent rentals refund bin moncton dieppe
Refund Bin
vip tent rentals extenion cord
Extension Cord
vip tent rentals power bar moncton dieppe
Power Bar
vip tent rentals small projector moncton dieppe
Small Projector
not commercial greated
vip tent rentals bar rental in new brunswick moncton dieppe shediac
stage 8x8 for event. they are great for all event rent in moncton dieppe shediac
Small Stage
small stage for event
size available: 4'x8'-8'x8'-8'x12'
10" hight
moncton shediac dieppe new brunswick bar rental for all event
whiskey barrel light pole with lights for event that gose late at nights
Whiskey barrel light pole
great for those late nights party
6' Bar 
2 Barrel with bar top
good for a bar or put decoration 
large chalk board sign rental moncton dieppe shediac
small chalk board sign rental dieppe shedia moncton
vip tent rentals hide your back ground with some black or white pip and drap rental in moncton nb dieppe nb shediac nb
Pipe and drap
Hide your back ground with black or white drap
restrooms sign rental for event
Restrooms sign
small restrooms sign
no smoking sign rental
No smoking sign
Small no smoking sign
fire extinguisher rental
Fire extinguisher 
public event may required a fire extinguisher 
firer extinguisher sign rental
Fire extinguisher sign
small fire extinguisher sign
exit sign rental
Exit sign
small exit sign
speaker and mic rental moncton dieppe shediac
giant love lettre for wedding for rent

event accessories rental, stage rental, garbage bin rental, refund bin rental, fan rental, generator rental, Pipe and drap rental, cooler rental, extension cord rental, power bar rental, speaker rental, bar rental, sign rental, board rental. Professional delivery to Moncton, NB, Dieppe, NB, Shediac, NB, Bouctouche, NB, Cap-Pele, NB, Riverview, NB, Salisbury, NB, Sussex, NB, Miramichi, NB, Fredericton, NB, and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area

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