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Tool Rental

Roofing shovel

Hand truck 600lb

Hand truck 1000lb

Moving dolly 600lb

Ladder arms

Drywall lift 11ft

Ladder 6ft

Ladder 12ft

Multi-task ladder

Extension ladder 20ft

Extension ladder 28ft

6ft adjustable scaffold

scaffold outrigger

scaffold guard rail

12ft adjustable scaffold w. outrigger & guard rail

18'' fan

3650/4550 watt

10000/12500 watt

Extension cord
15', 25', 50', 80', 100'

1Power bar
3 plug, 5 plug

Construction fence

Festival fence

Trafic cone

tool rental

Tool booking

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Tool rental, roofing shovel rental, ladder rental, scaffolding rental, generator rental, cart rental, hand truck rental. Professional delivery to Moncton, NB, Dieppe, NB, Shediac, NB, Bouctouche, NB, Cap-Pele, NB, Riverview, NB, Salisbury, NB, and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area

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